M10 Pinpoint Nozzle

M10 Manifold System

Our M10 pinpoint nozzle, a key component in the hot runner system, offers the absolute minimum gate vestige possible. As direct gate nozzles, they are crucial when gating directly into the part being molded. The valve pin in this hot runner nozzle features a field-replaceable tip for easy customer changes. It excels when processing unfilled resins. When molding filled resins, hardened tip inserts are available as an option.

M11 Pinpoint Nozzle

Polyshot M11 Manifold System

The M11 hot runner nozzle utilizes a pinpoint gate design to achieve the absolute minimum gate vestige. The gate well area is precisely machined directly into the mold cavity. Suitable for most resins with part sizes of 30 grams or less, it can accommodate glass or mineral-filled resins with an optional tip.

M15 Pinpoint Nozzle

M15 Pinpoint Nozzle

Like the M10, these M15 pinpoint hot runner nozzles also guarantee the smallest gate vestige. These direct gate nozzles are essential when gating directly into the molded part. The valve pin can be easily replaced, ensuring optimal operation with unfilled resins. For filled resins, hardened tip inserts are available.

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