The M11 Series SNVG Nozzle is a good choice for parts up to 25 grams. Typical gate sizes range from .040” – .083”.

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Polyshot Accutrak Technology

Polyshot Accutrak Technology was developed to improve product quality in injection molded parts. The Accutrak design allows for quick and easy color changes. This reduces waste and down time.

Features include:

Burn-free gates, no black specks or streaks | Completely sweeps the gate well area clean each slot | Valve gate versions offer very short stroke reducing the hydraulic action in the gate area | Valve pin stays fully engaged and guided 100% of the time | Pinpoint style Accutraks are also available

Accutrak Valve Gate Technology
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Conventional Valve Gate Technology
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Gate Assembly

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Note: Valve Gate Pin is shown in the closed position. The Pin should protrude into the part .007/.010″.
Max Gate/Pin size: .083″ diameter
Standard Pin sizes: .040″ & .060″ diameter

Gate Well Detail

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Gate Ø Gage Dimension
0.025 0.1566
0.030 0.1561
0.035 0.1556
0.04 0.1549
0.045 0.1541
0.050 0.1532
0.055 0.1522
0.060 0.1510
0.065 0.1497
0.070 0.1481
0.075 0.1464
0.080 0.1443