Firebox Temperature Controller

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The Firebox hot runner temperature controller is designed to interface with the Polyshot Heated Sprue Bushing, Multitip System, and the Bank System. It is engineered to withstand the rigorous environment of the injection molding room floor. This hot runner temperature controller is a closed-loop unit with provisions for manual or “Open Loop” control.


The 3601 Firebox hot runner temperature controller features an Auto-Tuning PID function, which precisely matches the controller’s electronic algorithms to the runnerless molding system and also with which it is connected. This is accomplished by engaging the Auto-Tune function through the operator interface, which initiates an electronic tuning cycle between the hot runner temperature controller and the hot runner system it’s controlling. 


Upon completion of this cycle, the Firebox hot runner temperature controller rewrites its PID algorithms to precisely match the runnerless molding system it is controlling. When coupled with the controller’s burst fire relay system, the hot runner temperature control of processing temperature is excellent.

firebox Temperature Controller


Controller Type: Closed loop, automatic compensation with manual open loop proportional selector, single zone.
Thermocouple Required: Type J, constant grounded or ungrounded.
Control Range: 32° to 1382° F, 0° to 750° C.
Control Accuracy: +/- 0.1% of range.
Alarms: User defined above and below set point, open or reversed thermocouple.
Power Output: 240 VAC 15 amps maximum.
Power Control: Solid state relay with zero crossing director.
Load Fuse: ABC type, 15 amps.
Control Fuse: ABC type, 2 amps.
Power Requirements: 208 - 240 VAC, Single Phase.
Alarm Type “Sonalert” 80 DB
Dimensions: 6.50” wide x 4.25” high x 8.25” deep
165mm wide x 108mm high x 300mm deep.
Dimensions do not include handles.
Shipping Weight: 6 lbs., 2.7kg.


  • Upper Display: LED display indicating hot runner temperature as measured by Type J Thermocouple.
  • Lower Display: LED display indicating set point during Auto mode and the percent power during Manual mode for hot runner temperature controllers.
  • Load: LED indicates when the Zone is energized.
  • ALM: LED indicates when the alarm is active.
  • MAN: LED lit when the hot runner temperature controller is in Manual mode.
  • Mode Key: Steps the hot runner controller through Alarm Low, Alarm High, and Auto-tuning options.
  • Up Key: Increases the set point for hot runner temperature controllers. Also used in alarm setting and auto-tuning procedures in hot runner systems.
  • Down Key: Decreases the set point for hot runner temperature controllers. Also used in alarm setting and auto-tuning procedures.
  • Auto/Manual Key: Clears the alarm when pressed once. Toggles between Auto and Manual mode for hot runner temperature controllers.
  • Circuit Breaker: To activate the Firebox hot runner controller, the rocker switch must be pushed to the “on” position. This switch should be “off” whenever the hot runner temperature controller unit is being plugged in or unplugged from a 208-240 volt single-phase outlet.
  • Thermocouple Failure Protection: If the hot runner temperature process was stable when the thermocouple failed, the hot runner temperature controller will transfer from auto to manual mode. The hot runner system will automatically continue at the power level experienced in the two minutes prior to the power failure, provided that the power level was less than 75%, and a power change of less than 5% occurred. This will allow the hot runner system to continue functioning until a thermocouple repair can be made. The percentage of power will be displayed in the lower display. If the hot runner temperature process is not stable or the power level is greater than 75%, the output is disabled.
  • Alarms: User-defined hot runner temperature limits that are the extremes on either side of the set point at which the hot runner systems can operate.
  • Alarm Low: Represents the low hot runner temperature alarm. The alarm sounds when the hot runner temperature strays too far below the set point.
  • Alarm High: This represents the high hot runner temperature alarm. The alarm sounds when the hot runner temperature strays too far above the set point.
  • Auto-Tune: Provides automatic tuning of the PID parameters to fit the characteristics of your particular hot runner thermal system. Successful completion of the auto-tune procedure requires the hot runner temperature to cross the set point four times within eighty minutes after auto-tune has started. Typical auto-tune procedures for hot runner temperature controllers last five to ten minutes. During auto-tune, the lower display alternately displays the set point hot runner temperature. Any change in set point while in auto-tune reinitiates the auto-tune procedure. Auto-tuning should be repeated after making any changes in the molding process.
  • Temperature Units: The Firebox is capable of measuring temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. The default setting is Fahrenheit. To change the setting to Celsius, contact Polyshot for further information.

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Multi Zone Controllers

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Gammaflux Controls Inc. is the world’s leading supplier of temperature and sequential valve gate control systems to the plastics industry. An expert in process optimization, Gammaflux partners with plastics parts manufacturers to help them achieve higher quality, efficiency, and profitability. The company primarily serves the hot runner injection molding industry but also provides temperature control solutions for blow molding, extrusion, thermoforming and other applications.

Known as a pioneer in temperature control technology, Gammaflux developed the first products to anticipate temperature changes, sense wiring and heater problems, and react instantly to avoid serious mold damage. All Gammaflux systems feature the company’s unique Triangulated Control Technology® for the best temperature sensing, controlling, and actuation capabilities.

The company’s product line includes:

LEC – for up to 24 zones of temperature control

G24 – for 18 to 480 zones of temperature control

Gammaflux Controllers and Polyshot Hot Runner systems are a perfect match for your molding needs.

LEC Temperature Controller

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Designed for smaller hot runner system applications, the LEC is offered with 2, 6 and 12 zone enclosures. A network module allows you to link two 6 or 12 zone enclosures together for up to 24 zones of control. The LEC features a modular design for simple control card removal, addition or replacement.

Each 6 and 12 zone LEC enclosure comes prewired, ready to accept an optional network module. With a network module, users can connect the LEC to a laptop or PC to take advantage of advanced features including; security settings, remote input, and unique Gammaflux software including Gammavision (SPC data/graphing analysis), Mold Doctor (advanced mold troubleshooting), and Field Calibrator. The network module also enables a link to plant monitoring systems.

Learn more about Gammaflux’s LEC temperature controller here.

G24 Temperature Controller

Gammaflux’s G24 Temperature Controller has 18 to 480 zones of temperature control and features the following benefits:

Easier to Use | Less Expensive | Smaller | Faster | More Flexible/Standardization | Improved Interlocks | Mold Doctor® | Early Material/Leak Detection

Learn more about Gammaflux’s H24 temperature controller here.

Learn more about the integrated temperature or stand-alone sequential valve gate control (SVGC) applications of the G24 here.

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