Conan Microbushing

The Conan Version of the Polyshot Microbushing will allow the molding of very small electrical connectors and the like, with materials including glass filled LCPs and nylons. It is most often used to gate into a cold runner system, which feeds parts through a sub-gate system.

Conan-075SC Bushing

The Polyshot Conan-075SC Bushing is installed into a gate well detail machined into the “A” half of the mold by the mold maker. This bushing can also be fitted with a gate interface cap, to allow installation into a .7500″ diameter hole machined into the “A” half of the mold. This configuration will leave a slight “ring” witness line if gated directly into the part surface.

Conan-100C Bushing

This tip style uses a pinpoint gate design to allow the absolute minimum gate vestige possible. The gate well area is machined directly into the mold cavity by the mold maker. This nozzle can be used for most resins and is suitable for part sizes between 30 and 125 grams. Can run glass or mineral filled resins with an optional tip.