Conan Microbushing

The Polyshot Conan Microbushing, a unique hot sprue bushing, allows precise molding of minuscule electrical connectors using materials such as glass-filled LCPs, nylons, and engineered resins. It’s primarily designed for gating into a cold runner system, which efficiently dispatches parts via a sub-gate system. It can also be installed with a Conan R gate interface for installation into a .625” diameter hole.

Conan-075SC Bushing

A versatile hot sprue bushing, the Polyshot Conan-075SC, is inserted into a gate well detail, and meticulously machined into the “A” half of the mold. These hot sprue bushings can also be equipped with a gate interface cap, enabling installation into a .7500″ diameter hole on the same side of the mold. It may leave a slight “ring” witness line if gated directly onto the part surface.

Conan-100C Bushing

These hot sprue bushings feature a pinpoint gate design, ensuring minimal gate vestige. The gate well area is directly machined into the mold cavity, promoting optimal heat transfer. Suitable for diverse resins, these sprue bushings can manage part sizes from 30 to 125 grams. For running glass or mineral-filled resins, an optional tip is available. This bushing is an excellent blend of efficiency and versatility.

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