Complete Production of Pet Products  Using State-of-the-Art High Speed, High Cavitation Melt Delivery Systems

Polyshot is a fully integrated manufacturing company specializing in Hot Runner Systems and injection molding. If you have creative ideas, we have the world-class technology to make it come to life, all within the USA.

Limitless Injection Molded Pet Products:

  • Food Grade Edible Pet Treats
  • Nylon Long-Lasting Pet Chews
  • Molded Pet Toy Products

Fully Automated Technology

Our systems inject edible pet treat material directly into the mold cavities eliminating all runners and the resulting waste of material. Because our systems create treats with no runners, there is less material required for each shot and no runner required to cool.

Our Process

Initial Concepts

When you send a request to our team with your file or product sketch, we assess how our technology can successfully bring the product to life. We’ll talk through the pros and cons of the design, discuss our process, and get ready for the next step.


Once the product concept is approved, the design process begins. Our Engineering Department utilizes Computer-Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) technology to create a drawing for the 3D printed prototype.

many vacuum brazing

Create 3D Prototype

A 3D Prototype is made using exact dimensions and design elements. After the prototype is complete it’s your turn to make an evaluation. This prototype allows you to see the final product close-up and discuss any desired changes.


After you receive the 3D prototype, you have evaluated the sample and came to a decision. If everything is to your liking, we begin the process of making a fully automated injection mold.

Engineered Drawings of the Mold

Our team of engineers turn the approved prototype into a drawing, which includes a design for the injection mold and Hot Runner System.

Manufacturing of the Mold

Drawings are turned into a manufactured steel mold. Our injection mold and Hot Runner System are fully integrated, reducing production time and eliminating waste material.

Manufacturing of Final Product

Once the newly designed injection molding machine is created, Polyshot starts manufacturing your product. When the product is complete it will go through a cooling process and into a bin for physical inspection, packaging, and boxing.

Innovator of High Speed, High Cavitation Melt Delivery Systems

Also contributing to shorter cycle times are our conformally cooled mold cavities which allow cooling lines to get much closer to the molded treat. Our system allows for much higher cavitation versus a cold runner mold. We are able to create up to 128 treats in a shorter time than with a conventional mold. Our system is designed to fit inside of your current molding machine and work with your existing material. In addition, the molded treat is automatically ejected from the mold and dropped onto a conveyer or catcher. Our fully automated system can run 24/7 while our heated and monitored process protects your product against food-born bacteria.

Our Capabilities & Services:

For over 30 years, we have been fully integrated, offering all services within one company. All tooling and products are Made in the USA, reducing lead times, transportation cost, duties & tariffs, and resulting in faster speed to market. Our team of specialized engineers and CNC Machinists can help you create and co-manufacture in our SQF certified facility:

Why Polyshot?

  • Sustainability: Our Hot Runner System reduces waste
  • and increases efficiency
  • IPP – intellectual property protection
  • Regulatory – benefit of understanding USA compliance requirements
  • Product quality – manufactured in SQF certified facility
  • Improved flexibility for changes and customization
  • Better communication – within the USA, no language barrier
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