Polyshot - Injection Molding Solutions with Hot Runner Systems

For over two decades, Polyshot Corporation has provided hot runner systems to injection molding customers worldwide. Our hot runner technology ensures user-friendly, reliable systems for processing molten plastic

Hot Runner Systems and Components

Hot runner systems consist of a core molding plate, hot runner components, and a hot runner temperature controller, which maintains optimal temperature and mechanical settings for the hot runner mold. The injection molding machine nozzle connects to the hot runner system, ensuring seamless integration.

Plate Fusion Technology: Hot Runner Technology

Plate Fusion Technology, our core technology for manifold construction, fuses 2 or more manifold layers, creating perfectly round, smooth flow paths. This hot runner technology eliminates abrupt 90-degree turns and turn plugs in manifold systems. Polyshot is the only company building 100% of its hot runners this way.

What Is a Hot Runner?

Polyshot Facility: Trusted Hot Runner System Manufacturer

Polyshot’s headquarters, located in W. Henrietta, NY, totals 13,000 square feet, with 10,000 square feet for manufacturing and 3,000 square feet for office and engineering space.

We are also delighted to provide our mold-building customers with vacuum brazing services. Send an email to sales@polyshot.com with basic details concerning the cores or cavities you want fused together. The standard turnaround time for this process is about 1 to 2 weeks.

polyshot building

Multi Material Hot Runner System

This system is used for a 2 shot automotive application. The materials molded are a sealer expandable resin over nylon 6/6.

128 Nozzle Hot Runner System

This system is used for a high volume customer producing a consumer product.

Polyshot Quality

Polyshot is well known for the quality of its systems and its attention to detail. Fully hardened and ground tool steel are used throughout it’s product line.

128 Nozzle Hot Runner System

Completed Hot Half System For Irrigation Industry