Polyshot is pleased to offer its mold building customers vacuum brazing services to fuse multi-component mold cores and cavity assemblies for conformal cooling purposes. The addition of conformal cooling in mold cavities can have a substantial impact on mold cycle time, part quality, and part repeatability. Conformal cooling saves substantial dollars in cycle time savings, and the payback can be quite dramatic.

The process to get a quote on a project is as follows:

  1. Send an email to sales@polyshot.com with general information about the cores or cavities you would like fused together.
  2. Typical materials we fuse are H-13, 420 Stainless Steel, and S-7. Other materials are also able to be fused.
  3. The typical turnaround time for this process is approximately 1-2 weeks. Actual deliveries are determined by the amount of parts to be fused and could be longer for more complex projects.

Polyshot has a general guideline PDF for core fusion and preparing your parts for the fusion process.

One word for the curved (2 piece, brazed) cores...Awesome!

a Polyshot Brazing Customer in the Midwest USA

brazing image

Polyshot has developed a technology to fuse two or more steel plates together to create internal flow paths. Polyshot’s technology allows these internal flow paths to withstand very high injection pressures and external forces while still maintaining integrity of the brazed joint.

Over time, Polyshot was asked by several of its Hot Runner customers if it would use the same fusion technology (vacuum brazing) it uses to produce its manifolds to fuse mold cavities and cores for conformal cooling for them. Many brazed cores and cavities later; this brazing service has taken on a life of its own and is a value added service offered to our customers.