At Polyshot, we’re excited to offer our mold-building customers vacuum brazing services for fusing multi-component mold cores and cavity assemblies, particularly for conformal cooling purposes. Our vacuum brazing process utilizes a vacuum furnace to ensure the integrity of the joint. Implementing conformal cooling in mold cavities significantly impacts mold cycle time, part quality, and part repeatability, leading to substantial cost savings and impressive payback.

Materials and Turnaround Time

To receive a quote for our vacuum brazing services, simply send an email to with general information about the cores or cavities you’d like fused. Our vacuum furnace brazing services typically work with materials such as H-13, 420 Stainless Steel, and S-7, but we can accommodate other metal alloys as well. Our turnaround time is usually 1-2 weeks, depending on the complexity and the number of parts to be fused.

Heat Treatment and Guidelines for Core Fusion

For your convenience, we provide a general guideline PDF for core fusion and preparing your parts for the vacuum brazing process. Our heat treatment processes ensure high-quality joints and optimal performance of the finished product.

One word for the curved (2 piece, brazed) cores...Awesome!

a Polyshot Brazing Customer in the Midwest USA

brazing image

Polyshot’s Unique Fusion Technology

Our innovative vacuum brazing process allows us to fuse two or more steel plates together in a vacuum environment. This approach creates internal flow paths that can withstand high injection pressures and external forces while maintaining the integrity of the brazed joint. 

A Trusted Provider for Hot Runner Systems

At Polyshot, we pride ourselves on delivering best-in-class customer service. Our team of professionals is dedicated to providing fast responses, typically offering quotes within 1 to 2 days. We also maintain a stock of spare parts that are all made in the USA, ensuring quick shipping for all buyers.