The Polyshot Conan 075SC Bushing is installed into a gate well detail machined into the “A” half of the mold by the mold maker. This bushing can also be fitted with a gate interface cap, to allow installation into a .7500″ diameter hole machined into the “A” half of the mold. This configuration will leave a slight “ring” witness line if gated directly into the part surface.

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Bushing Body Section

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Part Number Heated "A" Length
Conan-075-875 0.875"
Conan-075-1.375 1.375"
Conan-075-1.875 1.875"
Conan-075-2.375 2.375"
Conan-075-2.875 2.875"
Conan-075-3.375 3.375"

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Gate Well Detail

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