MS75-G General Purpose Nozzle styles are commonly used when the formation of a small sprue is acceptable. They are often used when processing filled materials. Because the entire flow path of the nozzle is constructed of hard­ened tool steel, it is highly resistant to wear. They are also used when it is necessary to gate into a cold runner system. The end of the nozzle is designed to accom­modate the machining of a .188 radius through it. The major flow diameter through the G-075M is .2500″, with .3750″ optional.

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Nozzle Body Section

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Part Number Length "L" (mm) Length "L" (in)
MS75-NZ-G3-R2 22.2 0.875
MS75-NZ-G4-R2 34.9 1.375
MS75-NZ-G5-R2 47.6 1.875
MS75-NZ-G6-R2 60.3 2.375
MS75-NZ-G7-R2 73.0 2.875
MS75-NZ-G8-R2 85.7 3.375
MS75-NZ-G9-R2 98.4 3.875
MS75-NZ-G10-R2 111.1 4.375
MS75-NZ-G11-R2 123.8 4.875
MS75-NZ-G12-R2 136.5 5.375
MS75-NZ-G13-R2 149.2 5.875
MS75-NZ-G14-R2 161.9 6.375

Gate Well Detail

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Minimum Spacing Requirements

NOTE: Nozzle centerlines must be located at least 33mm [1.30″] radially away from the centerline of the nozzle interface.

G-050M Spacing
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