Polyshot G-150C Bushings are installed into a 1.5000″ diameter hole machined into the “A” half of the mold. This bushing is also a direct replacement for existing molds that have been constructed with a cold sprue bushing.

This bushing also allows a runner to be machined into the face of the bushing by Polyshot in any configuration, with a maximum radius size of .2500″.

The G-150C bushing is an excellent choice for large parts.  The G-150C can process engineering resins with a part or shot weight up to 2 lbs.

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Bushing Body Section

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Part Number Heated "A" Length
G-150C-875 0.875"
G-150C-1.375 1.375"
G-150C-1.875 1.875"
G-150C-2.375 2.375"
G-150C-2.875 2.875"
G-150C-3.375 3.375"
G-150C-3.875 3.875"
G-150C-4.375 4.375"

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