G-050M General Purpose Nozzle styles are commonly used when the formation of a small sprue is acceptable. They are often used when processing filled materials. Because the entire flow path of the nozzle is constructed of hardened tool steel, it is highly resistant to wear. They are also used when it is necessary to gate into a cold runner system. The end of the nozzle is designed to accommodate the machining of a .188 radius through it. The flow channel size through the G-050M nozzle is .2500” diameter.

metal cylindrical component with precise machining for industrial applications
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Nozzle Body Section

technical drawing of an injection mold component with detailed dimensions and annotations showing cold state tolerance, flow diameter, optional runner specification, and various dimension measurements.
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Part Number Length "L" (mm) Length "L" (in)
G-050M-3-R2 22.225 0.875
G-050M-4-R2 34.925 1.375
G-050M-5-R2 47.625 1.875
G-050M-6-R2 60.325 2.375
G-050M-7-R2 73.025 2.875
G-050M-8-R2 85.725 3.375
G-050M-9-R2 98.425 3.875
G-050M-10-R2 111.125 4.375

Gate Well Detail

engineering technical drawing showing circular part with detailed dimensions and angles
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Minimum Spacing Requirements

NOTE: Nozzle centerlines must be located at least 33mm [1.30″] radially away from the centerline of the nozzle interface.

G-050M Spacing
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