P, PR-075S-C Series .7500″ Diameter

Pinpoint, Pinpoint w/Ring

This tip style uses a pinpoint gate design to allow the absolute minimum gate vestige possible. In the “P” configuration, the gate well area is machined directly into the mold cavity by the mold maker. In the “PR” configuration, a gate interface cap is threaded on to the end of the bushing, which allows for installation through a .7500″ diameter reamed hole in the mold cavity. The “PR” configuration is used where a “ring” witness mark is acceptable. Both configurations feature a field replaceable tip, constructed with a very highly thermally conductive material.

075 Series Bushings .7500

Conan-075S-C Series .7500″

Diameter Full Flow, Full Flow w/Ring

The Conan bushing was specifically designed to mold very small parts using glass filled LCPs. It is used extensively in the injection molding of high precision electrical connectors. It will run at sub six second cycles with no drooling, stringing or freeze-offs. It is most often used by gating into a runner. The gate vestige height will be approximately 1.5 times the gate diameter.

Conan-075S-C Series 7500

G-075S-C Series .7500″ Diameter

General Purpose

This tip style uses a thin reverse taper sprue design. It is often used when gating into a runner or parts where the sprue is not of concern. It is very effective with filled resins. The resulting sprue is approximately 3/8″ long and weighs less than one half of a gram.

G-075S-C Series 7500 Diameter