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Easy Shot Rental Program
Welcome to the Polyshot on-line Easy Shot Rental Program Configuration area. It will take about five minutes to complete your selections and generate a CAD file.
Installation Information and Quotations
Here are the steps to getting your installation information and quotation:
  1) Click the button below to access the Easy Shot Rental Program and configure your system.
  2) Select one of the 2,4 or 8 nozzle Manifold Styles
  3) Select a Nozzle Center Line Distance
  4) Select a nozzle size and style, Pinpoint or General Purpose
  5) Select a Nozzle "A" Length
  6) Fill out the short, customer detail form and click on Submit
After these steps are completed, you will be able to download a PDF file and a 3D solids file that will contain all the information required to allow you to integrate the Manifold System into your mold design. You will also receive a sale price and rental proposal for that particular system by e-mail.
How does the rental program work?
The quotation you will receive will show a sale price. The rent on that particular system will be monthly charge of 1/12th of the total hot runner system sale price. There is also a one time non-refundable system preparation charge equal to one months rent, which will be paid in advance. There is a minimum rental period of 6 months. You may purchase the system at any time and will be given a credit for ½ of the total rental payments paid. There is no credit for the system preparation charge. The monthly payment will be withdrawn automatic at the first of each month by a customer credit card payment. To order your system, you may call Polyshot and place the order by phone or email. For questions about the program, please call Polyshot.
Your responsibility
You are responsible for the system as if it were yours. The hot runner system is covered by Polyshot’s standard warranty as long as is rented to you. This warranty does not include normal wear and tear items such as probe wear and or electrical component damage etc.
When you are done with the rental
The system must be purged with natural with polyethylene before removal from service. You are responsible for shipping the system back to Polyshot at your expense and the system must be in a serviceable condition in order to avoid a repair charge.
Ordering by phone
In the USA - 1-800-POLYSHOT
All manifolds are normally in stock and can be shipped in 14 business days without hot half plates. If you would like a "complete bolt on system" including hot half plates using one of the manifolds in the Easy Shot Rental program, the delivery is 4 weeks. Please contact Polyshot for systems that require a complete hot half.
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The Polyshot catalog is
now dynamically
produced ensuring both
print and online versions
are always the same.
Search and view the
2011 catalog online or
request a traditional
print catalog.

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Polyshot is pleased to announce a significant price reduction on its industry leading Single
Nozzle Valve Gate System, patent pending. Due to its extreme success in the marketplace
we have been able to increase our manufacturing volumes and lower the price with no impact
to its quality or performance.

In addition to the M11 Polyshot Single Nozzle Valve Gate price reduction, we have
also lowered the M15, higher capacity Version to $4,490.00.

Power – 400 lbs of pin force, 4 times the pin force of any pneumatically operated single nozzle
valve gate in the industry.

Size – The entire system fits within the mold locating ring.

Capabilities – Can process resins up to 700 degrees F. (370 degrees C.).
Excellent for clear medical parts.

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Learn how to install a
heater and thermo-
couple in a 050M or
MS75 nozzle.

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Justify your hot runner
purchase! Simply
Choose a mold, enter
your cost, and price out
the result with our online

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